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Satisfaction Guarantee

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If you are ever not fully satisfied with any service, please let us know and we will do everything in our power to make things right. Our business model depends on our long-term relationship with you.

We’re not happy until you are.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

CHS guarantees that our work will meet or exceed industry standards for quality. Because we perform many different kinds of tasks both under circumstances we control and those we do not, it is not practical to assign a specific time limit to our guarantee, or labor warranty. Some repairs should last for years, and some may only be temporary fixes until a more permanent repair can be done. Instead of a time-limited warranty, we will guarantee the labor for any repair if at least one of the following criteria are met:

  1. Poor workmanship – the quality of the labor applied to the task fails to satisfy industry standards, meaning another reasonably qualified craftsman would most likely have produced a superior result.
  2. Failure to follow CHS procedures – we have rigorous procedures to avoid common pitfalls; if we fail to follow them, we will take responsibility for the consequences.
  3. Lack of common sense – when it’s just obvious that we did not do what the situation clearly called for in the absence of standards or procedures above.

Important CAVEAT: Nobody’s Perfect – We have to make decisions based on the best available information, which is usually imperfect. We can not be responsible for circumstances beyond our control or judged against a standard based in hindsight.

CHS stands behind the work performed by the subcontractors in our trusted vendor network. Should any warranty service be required, we will ensure that it is performed promptly and professionally to resolve the problem. There will be no charge for the cost of the repair (labor and/or parts, per terms of the vendor warranty). Please note that under some circumstances we may bill direct project management time spent coordinating the warranty repair.

We know all too-well that things are just not made to last anymore. An alarming trend is that even reputable brand name items can have a significant failure rate. CHS simply can not warrant any materials, whether or not supplied or recommended by us. We may be able to assist you with filing warranty claims with manufacturers, but please understand that any labor costs associated with the claim, follow-up, and repair or re-installation are billable.

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