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  • HOMEOWNER’S AGENT – From start to finish, always champion the homeowner’s interests first and foremost.
  • SCOPE AND BUDGET – Work with the Homeowner to define the requirements, scope, and budget of the project.
  • ARCHITECT/DESIGNER SELECTION - Assist with the selection of and contract negotiation with the Architectural Firm and/or Designer if project scope warrants.
  • CONCEPTUAL DESIGN - Work with Homeowner and/or Architect to develop conceptual designs, including material and appliance selections, consistent with the scope and budget.
  • FINAL PLANS – Review final drawings with Homeowner to ensure important details are not overlooked and identify potential deficiencies to be resolved.
  • CONTRACTOR SELECTION – Assist in the selection of and contract negotiation with a general contractor, as project scope dictates.
  • PERMIT VERIFICATION – Verify that all required permits are obtained and inspected as required by County Ordinance.
  • COST MONITORING – Certify all contractor invoices and monitor construction budget to avoid unexpected cost overruns.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - Ensure the highest standards of quality from all contractors and subcontractors.
  • LIAISON - Serve as the hub of the communication process between all interested parties, always providing honest experienced assessment of issues and solutions to Homeowner.
  • CONSTRUCTION LOGISTICS – Coordinate with Contractor to minimize dust and noise infiltration to other areas of home, and avoid general disruption to the daily routine of Homeowner’s family.
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY – Monitor construction area to ensure general safety and security of the Homeowner’s family and guest throughout the construction process.
  • PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD – Beginning with documentation of existing conditions and throughout the process, create extensive digital photographic record, provided on CD at end of project.
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